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BridalCare by Fabricare
Fabricare Cleaners relaunches its BRIDALCARE business
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BridalCare is RELAUNCHED


Fabricare Cleaners, a trusted leader in dry cleaning & clothing care has been doing business in Fairfield County for over 30 years. In the last decade, owner Michael Astorino and his team have launched a variety of other cleaning services under the Fabricare Brand using their expertise in cleaning all types of fabrics. These services include HomeCare (home furnishing cleaning), LaundryCare (a subscription-based laundry service), and LinenCare (a linen cleaning service that includes membership opportunities). Fabricare is excited to announce its latest service relaunch: BridalCare.

BridalCare has existed as a Fabricare brand in years past but never before was there a team of half a dozen experts whose job is solely to clean, repair, and preserve wedding gowns. Proper bridal gown, veil, and accessory care commands a special set of expertise that most cleaners simply don’t have. The highly trained BridalCare team are experts in the intricacies of cleaning and preserving gowns and bridal accessories, and their high level of craftsmanship (which is all done by hand!) is evident in the beautiful work they do.

“I knew I wanted to get my wedding dress cleaned & preserved, but didn’t know where to start. I found Bridalcare and am SO happy I did. When I scheduled my consultation and met the team who explained the process, I immediately knew I could trust them with my gown. They did an amazing job getting all the grass stains out of my dress from our wedding at the farm and were so easy to work with. I would (and have!) recommend BridalCare to anyone recently married to properly take care of their dress.” - Emma Capar (Past BridalCare Client)

With more weddings taking place this year in the U.S. than there have been in nearly 40 years, Fabricare saw the need for brides to properly care for their gowns after they say their “I Dos”. There are an estimated 2.5 million weddings expected to take place in 2022, which is the largest number since 1984.

When the excitement and memories of the wedding day have been captured and newlyweds return from their honeymoons, many forgot about a vital step that comes next: cleaning & preserving the gown. With BridalCare’s help, wedding dresses and veils are preserved in such a way that they will look as good in 50 years as they did on the day they were first worn. So in years to come if your daughter or even granddaughter wants to wear your gown, it will be ready to make more memories!

If you, your daughter, or a loved one were recently married and are looking to have your gown or veil cleaned & preserved, you can trust the experts at BridalCare by Fabricare to help you preserve all the precious memories that your gown holds. Or if you plan to wear a gown passed down by a family member, we can professionally clean and make any repairs before your big day.

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