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Calling All Brides!
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Calling All Brides!

Wedding season has arrived! For all you brides who have said YES to the dress (and bridesmaids or mothers of the bride with formal dresses), congrats! There is enough to stress about when it comes to planning your big day...caring for your gown shouldn't be on that list!

Protecting Your Dress Before the Big Day:

  • HANG IT - Hang your dress on a padded hanger, not a plastic one. Hang it as high as possible (even on the back of a door if needed) so it doesn’t touch the ground.
  • STORE IT - Store your dress in a cool, dry area. Keep it in the dress bag it came in until a few days before your wedding day, then remove from the bag so that the skirt can begin to release some wrinkles.
  • CALL THE PROFESSIONALS - If your dress has a lot of wrinkles leading up to your big day, bring it in to a professional to care for it – different materials require different methods for releasing wrinkles, so leave it to the professionals to properly care for it.

Preserving the Memory After the Big Day:

  • CLEAN IT - It is best to bring your dress to a cleaner that has expertise in bridal gown cleaning as soon as possible (definitely within a month of your wedding). This way any stains on the dress won’t have as much time to set.
  • PRESERVE IT - Have your cleaner pack your dress in a special storage box made specially for gowns. This will help eliminate any chance for contamination.
  • STORE IT - Store your dress within the box in a cool, dry place, NOT in the basement or attic. Many dry cleaners can store it for you in a climate controlled area.

Trust the Experts at BridalCare by Fabricare

Our team of experts at BridalCare by Fabricare clean and preserve even the most intricate gowns. We know how special your wedding dress is, so we treat every gown like it were our own. We have a gown specialist that will thoroughly inspect your gown for any potential issues, necessary repairs, and will evaluate it for the best cleaning method. Prior to cleaning, we test the fabric, beads and embellishments to ensure a safe cleaning.
After cleaning, the gown is thoroughly inspected again and is re-cleaned, if necessary. Once approved by our Inspection Department, the gown goes to finishing where it is made to look like it did the day of your wedding and then preserved in the best type of preservation box to ensure your dress remains as beautiful as the day you walked down the aisle.
For more information, give us a call at 203-655-3381 or visit

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